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Bad Termite offers many pest control services that are both effective and affordable. Bad Termite can rid your building of termites, ants, cockroaches, and other undesirable pests on the extent of the damage and whether you prefer a toxic or nontoxic solution. The most effective pest control services used by Bad Termite is fumigation. The knowledgeable professionals at Bad Termite will explain each procedure and assist you in selecting the best treatment for your situation.

Fumigation is a procedure whereby the building is tented and toxic gases are released inside. Although this is most effective pest control method, it is somewhat inconvenient because you must vacate the building during the application process and while the building ventilates. This is one reason why new homeowners are encouraged to fumigate their residences before initially moving into them. Bad Termite can ensure that your waiting time is minimal and that your building will be thoroughly ventilated before you return. We pride ourselves on our fumigation management skills and excellent safety record.

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