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If your property shows heavy signs of Termite infestation or if portions of the infested structure are not accessible by our licensed inspector, a Fumigation recommendation may be on your termite report. All of our fumigations are subcontracted. We use only the most trustworthy, safe, and professional company for this.

Pre-Fumigation Process:

Tenant(s)/Occupant(s) are required to move out for a minimum of three days during the process. Preparation may take up to a week prior to the fumigation. Preparation can/may include all of the following but not limited to:

•  Bagging of all food/medication in bags provided by B.A.D. Termite or the fumigating company..
• Indoor Plants and fish tanks need to be removed from the property.
• Pets/animals need to be removed from the property.

Fumigation Process:

First, the area to be fumigated is tented to create a sealed environment.Second, the fumigant (Lethal Gas Vikane, Zythor, or which ever other chemical the fumigation company is using) is released into the space to be fumigated.

Next, the space is held for a set period while the fumigant gas fills the structure and eliminates the termite infestation.
Then, the space is ventilated by removing the tent and opening all your windows so that the poisonous gases are allowed to escape and desipate and render it safe for re-entry onto the property.
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