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Full Foam System: Bad Termite's Full Foam system is a secondary option to fumigation. Unlike fumigations, Full Foam Treatments can be done in one day (depending on the size of the building) and are less costly. The Full Foam Treatments also carry the same 2 year warranty as fumigation with the option to purchase more years of coverage. The product used is not a repellent or bait. It has little to no smell what so ever, so the termites don't know that they are coming in contact with it. Once infected with this product, the termites carry it into their colonies where they unknowingly spread it amongst their selves.

Full Foam Treatments are done in Three steps consisting of:

Step One:
Concentrating the product (Termidor) into a foam with the help of a foaming agent.

Step Two:
After the product is made into foam, the tech will then go into your attic (if you have one), and broadcast the foam through a pressurized hose onto the bare wood. The wood soaks up the foam containing Termidor, keeping it protected and destroying the termites.

"Will the foam damage my insulation?" The answer is no. A good example would be to take a cotton ball and put a bit of shaving cream on it. It just dissipates, leaving no damages.

NOTE: This step also applies to bare wood garages, shops and warehouses***

Step Three:
We drill small holes on the window frames or door frames (inside/outside of the house), and inject the product (**Premise and/or Invader HPX**) directly in the wood. The technician will also inject the product directly into the termite's kick-out hole, ensuring that the product travels through the rest of the Gallies that the termites have created. The holes created by the termites and the holes we drill are covered up, so that the termites have nowhere to go.

NOTE: For this particular treatment, and depending on the areas infested, Premise Foam and/or Invader HPX might be used in substitution of Termidor. Please note that Invader HPX has a very strong odor and the tenant/homeowner might need to vacate the property for a period of time in the day.
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